Taliban Commanders Discuss Jihad Against America And The ‘Crusader-Zionist Alliance’

Yesterday, MEMRI released a video & report they called “In New Video, Taliban Commanders Discuss Jihad Against America And The ‘Crusader-Zionist Alliance'; Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Described As International Organization.”


MEMRI’s report begins:

“In a new video, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Hakimullah Mehsud and Waliur Rehman reject Pakistani media reports that there are disagreements between them. In the video, Waliur Rehman also warns that the TTP will wage a struggle for implementation of Islamic shari’a rule in Kashmir and India, as it is currently doing in Pakistan.”

At one point in the conversation about Pakistani media reports between Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Hakimullah Mehsud and Waliur Rehman, they begin to focus on their jihad against the U.S.”

MEMRI reports:

“The next question put before Waliur Rehman is about reports that he is prioritizing the jihad in Afghanistan against U.S. and NATO forces, and is not paying attention to the jihad in Pakistan. Waliur Rehman is asked how he sees the jihad in Pakistan. He responds:

“The question you have put, before answering that question, I would like to say that, the talk you just had with respected emir [Hakimullah Mehsud]…. [the] media time and again released [false] news stories that there are differences between the two [i.e. between Waliur Rehman and Hakimullah Mehsud], that there is a war between them, they are out to kill each other, but time has proved that, as the respected emir said, these were baseless propaganda. The same way, history will prove that, and our sitting here together proves that we were one and even now we are one, and Allah willing in future too, we will be one, one soul and one organization…

“And why should we not be one soul? [And we are one] because this thief military and intelligence institutions, thief politicians and bureaucrats are united in looting Pakistan, are united in destroying Pakistan. Then why should we not remain united for the implementation of the word of Allah….

“The shari’a system for which Allah has ordered us, we are waging the struggle for the same shari’a, and the same shari’a teaches us to keep holding the rope of Allah; and the Prophet [Muhammad] also teaches that we keep the organization [i.e. Islam] united and follow it essentially. And one who left the organization [i.e. Islam], he separate for the fire…. Praise be to Allah that by consensus we put our trust on the respected emir [Hakimullah Mehsud] and we have trusted him as the head of the movement [i.e. TTP].””

“Waliur Rehman: “Whether It Be Against Pakistan Or Against Afghanistan, We Consider Both As The War Against America And Are Fighting Against The Crusader-Zionist Alliance”

MEMRI’s report continues:

“Waliur Rehman further states: “With regard to your second question, I would like to say that for seven, eight, or 10 years, especially since 2003, the jihad against Pakistan, or with regard to the jihad in Pakistan, look at our practical life, our sacrifices, and our friends’ steadfastness. Regarding this, I would like to say that to release such news stories that [I] am interested in the jihad in Afghanistan or jihad in Pakistan, then I would like to clarify that these two are our battlefronts.

“America is directly ruling over Afghanistan, has installed a puppet [government] there, and in the same way has installed a puppet [government]. By paying salaries to the army [of Pakistan], makes them fight [against the Taliban]. Therefore, this [Afghanistan-Pakistan] is a single battlefront, whether it be against Pakistan or against Afghanistan, we consider both as the war against America and are fighting against the Crusader-Zionist alliance which they have formed. Our fight is against them, Allah willing.

“Through the sacrifices and martyrdoms of our martyrs, we have proved that whether it be the soil of Afghanistan or the soil of Pakistan, we have irrigated them with our blood. And this is all purely for the sake of Islamic system.””

A while back, during the early days of military operations in Iraq, the belief was that if we are engaging the enemy (the Taliban) in the Middle East, they would be too occupied with our troops fighting them in order to attack, with any serious force, on U.S. soil. Because we have brought the fight to them for the past decade, this may very likely be true.

However, with our President’s ‘cut-and-run’ or ‘evacuate’ philosophy, to the tune of pulling every last soldier out of Iraq & Afghanistan, this will most definitely leave a void in which the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood will fill, freeing up more of the Taliban’s resources to push hard for attacks on American soil.

If our line of defense rest with our government running operations like the TSA, it will not bode well for the American people, especially in light of the pending gouging of Defense funds. Judging from the massive failures of the “Arab Spring,” it is obvious President Obama is completely out of his depth. The filling of the voids in the Middle East will most certainly happen, and American soil WILL BE a hard pressed target like never before.

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