Part 2: A Response To President Obama’s “Threat On Climate Change” – You’re an Eco-Fascist

Green RevI wish to apologize for the length of time it has taken me to post this article. When I began Part 1 little did I realize the mountain of information I would have to climb in order to see this series of articles to completion; nor did I realize how many Parts or amount of time it would take (quite a bit it seems).  So forgive me for not posting this sooner.

Also I would like to warn you that Part 2 is extensive.  Most readers would find an article which consists of half a page long, but this article goes above and beyond that description of long.  So I suggest you take it in sections while eating the appropriate meals and taking the appropriate naps or breaks in order to read it in its entirety.  It may help to think of this series of articles as an information safari.. where instead of hunting for animals you are hunting for facts.

So now with my apology and warning out of the way, you may continue.


For years now I have heard people voice the feeling that ‘something is wrong’ or that ‘this is not the country that they grew up in’.   They are perplexed that this feeling is so pervasive and that it hangs over everything they do; it permeates their lives to such a point that it brings on a mysterious depression, a feeling of dread.  But many shake it off as just that, a feeling, a passing paranoia that has no rational foundation.  What most people fail to understand  is that this feeling is not irrational paranoia, on the contrary, this feeling is a survival instinct, a sixth sense if you will, a way that their sub conscience deals with what is happening to them. See, these feelings happen to all who experience a  Revolution… that’s right..  if you realize it or not, you are in the midst of  a Revolution.

The country in which we live is now in the midst of a transition, a bloodless coup, a peaceful Revolution geared towards transforming it from one of growth, to one of de-development.  From one with a high standard of living, to one that lowers it’s standard of living so that other countries may raise theirs.  From a country that values individual life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to one that values the rights of community over the rights of the individual.  From a country based upon a Republic, to one based upon Eco-Fascism.

Fascism Storm TroopersThere is a normalcy bias which prevents most of the populace from realizing that they are the victims of a well conceived plan to undermine their individual rights.  You may say to yourself, the schools are open, the stores are busy and people are going about with their daily lives so how could we possibly be in the midst of something so drastic as a Revolution?

Sun Tzu once said that ‘The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.’   This is a concept that the Eco-Fascists, and their allies, have taken to heart and they have been sure to teach their followers how to force change in a country without using arms. For example, during a training session with the youth of the Occupy movement Progressive organizer, Lisa Fithian, said:

“That is why I am a non-violent activist.  They control so many guns that we would get slaughtered.  So I am always looking for other ways (to force change).”


Revolutionary Plans

The Eco-Fascists, and their allies, understand that they can not use force if their Revolution is to succeed, so they rely on subversion, propaganda and on our own Government to slowly force the Revolution upon us.

How are they doing this?

There are at least two different plans currently in the U.S. which are aimed at accomplishing the goals of the Eco-Fascist Revolution: Agenda 21 and The New Apollo Program.

This article will concentrate on the one plan that is being used specifically by President Obama (and was used by President G.W. Bush) which utilizes the powers of the Federal Government in order to ‘fight’ on the side of the Eco-Fascist Revolution, The New Apollo Program.

But before I continue, allow me to take a few steps back and get a couple of definitions out of the way so that we may all be on the same page.

I began Part 1 with a long definition of Fascism, I will officially begin Part 2 with a long definition of Eco-Fascism according to Philosophy Professor Michael E. Zimmerman:

…we may define “ecofascism” as a totalitarian  government that requires individuals to sacrifice their interests to the well-being and  glory of the “land,” understood as the splendid web of life, or the organic whole of nature, including peoples and their states. The land acquires mystical properties as the sacred source and absolute measure for all things. Polluting the land, either by toxins or by admitting the wrong kind of immigrants, not only threatens the state’s stability and security, but is also affronts the sacred natural order itself. Even though the web of life supposedly admits of no hierarchies, ecofascism requires leaders who enforce “natural” principles against selfish (hence, unnatural) individuals and peoples. Militarism, expansionism, and possibly racism are required to defend the land—Fatherland, Mother Earth, Gaia–from those who disrespect the land, including both industrialized \ countries and overpopulated “developing” nations. Consistent with Darwinist principles, the ecofascist state will succeed in the struggle for survival, because such a state is more adaptive to (respectful of) the environment, now glorified as the sacred web of life.

A goal that is shared among all of the Eco-Fascist Revolutionary plans is known as Sustainability.

Sustainability is being sold as the cure to the fictional problem of man-made Climate Change, but it’s real goal is much more sinister (which I will go into later).    According to the EPA Sustainability is:

…based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment.  Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations.

Sustainability is important to making sure that we have and will continue to have,  the water, materials, and resources to protect human health and our environment.


The New Apollo Program

In May of 2008, even before Obama was elected to office, he warned us all that his real intentions would be to push Eco-Fascism/Sustainability down our throats when he said these words at a rally in Roseburg, Oregon:

If we had only known in 2008 that then Senator Obama was referring to a little known plan titled, The New Apollo Program, the election results may have been different.

Descriptions of The New Apollo Program, and what organization is behind it, has been written about extensively.  You can find that information here.


Apollo’s Fire

In this article I plan to demonstrate how President Obama has been following The New Apollo Program ever since it was passed into law disguised as Obama’s Stimulus Plan, aka The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

The best way to do this, while at the same time giving insight to the motives behind The New Apollo Program, is to transition the format of this article from it’s current informational status to one of a quasi book review.

apollosfire_coverThe two men who had the most to do with writing and pushing The New Apollo Program are former Congressman Jay Inslee (now Washington State Governor) and Senior Fellow at the Center For American Progress, and former Special Assistant to Al Gore in the Clinton Administration, Bracken Hendricks. You can read their Bios here.

In 2007 Jay Inslee and Bracken Hendricks released a book titled, Apollo’s Fire: Igniting America’s Clean Energy EconomyApollo’s Fire is a book which attempts to sell the concept of The New Apollo Program by telling ‘success stories’ about those who are pushing ‘clean energy’.  This book also explains (but doesn’t do so intentionally) President Obama’s actions since he took office, from Healthcare, to the take over of GM, the Smart Grid, maybe even Obama’s campaign motto ‘Hope and Change’; Obama’s entire domestic agenda is located between the covers of this book.

During the press conference for the book release held at the National Press Club, Congressman Jay Inslee said the Revolution has started (you can watch his comments  here, second video down from the top):

I look at this as the week the revolution started.  You know, you think about that we are at the epicenter of all action on energy and Global Warming.  You know, in the last month we’ve learned that a million square miles the arctic is melting, the size of six Californias.  We have the entire nation in Bali planning the potential effort to save the planet from this scourge.  We have Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize and last but not least, the United States Congress actually acted on energy last Thursday and I like to think that is one of the steps we are going to take forward when the world, led by America fulfilling our destiny to lead the world’s clean energy revolution.  And it’s noted that we’ve written this book Apollo’s Fire, but really it talks about this revolution…

..That first shot of that clean energy revolution was fired last Thursday when the house passed the first significant energy legislation in thirty years.

The Revolutionary plan that is laid out in Apollo’s Fire fits nicely into the above definition of Eco-Fascism (land acquires mystical properties as the sacred source and absolute measure for all things) as the authors attempt to raise their concepts up as being religious as they demonstrated when they tied God into saving the planet:

Faith: The Other Renewable Energy

God said, “let there be light. And there was light.”

—Genesis 1

The bible says that God spoke first of energy.  According to the bible, it was light, the purest, most heavenly form of energy, that was present at the creation.  All the rest followed this divine radiance.  Now we are engaged in an effort to capture energy as pristine as that first light.  The effort is based on the universal spirit of all creeds to honor and respect God’s creation: the earth.

(p. 240 Apollo’s Fire)


10 Principles

There are 10 ‘principles’ (pp. 27-35 Apollo’s Fire) which guided the making of The New Apollo Program (the authors claim their plan is just a few rungs below the Bible on the ladder of importance).  Below is the list of these principles as well as a quote or two which explains each one.  Notice how the first principle was echoed in 2008 by then President-elect Obama’s Chief of Staff (now former), Rahm Emanual, when he said “You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste” (Coincidence?  I think not):

  1. Opportunity Is Best Found In Crisis-(pp. 27-28 Apollo’s Fire) “…global warming is a planetary emergency, it is also a huge economic opportunity for America.
  2. Boldness Is Required-(pp. 28-29 Apollo’s Fire) Transformation of an energy economy on the scale demanded by The New Apollo Project (Program) requires structural-not ornamental or peripheral-change.
  3. We Must Reject The Tyranny Of The Present-(pp.28-29 Apollos Fire) “When it comes to energy the tyranny of the present is a box that confines us to considering only the technologies of today as we envision the future.
  4. There Are No Silver Bullets-(pp. 29-30 Apollo’s Fire) “We must recognize that no one thing will solve the problem.  The climb to the top of this mountain will be step by step, inches at a time, and any objection to any of those steps not getting us to the top in one fell swoop should be ignored.
  5. Everybody Needs To Get On The Bus-(pp. 30-31 Apollo’s Fire) “…The true source of change will be the billions of individual decisions we make in our own homes, schools and offices.  …By thinking globally, they are creating jobs, access, and a deeper prosperity locally, banding together and recognizing the importance of all of our talents, with the mandate that no one be left behind.  In this clean-energy revolution it is essential that everyone gets on the bus.
  6. If The Government Sets The Road Signs, The Market Will Drive-(pp.31-32 Apollo’s Fire) “As we remake the American energy economy, government action is indispensable for setting the rules of the road, but its true power will be harnessing and directing market-driven investment, market-driven innovation, and market-driven profit.  The scale of the transformation is too great, too grand and sweeping, for government initiatives alone to build a new economy.
  7. Failure Is An Option-(pp.32-33 Apollo’s Fire) “The one and only guarantee that can be made about developing energy companies is that hundreds of them will fail.
  8. Prejudices Are Best Left At The Door-(pp. 33-32 Apollo’s Fire) “Globally, coal fuels much of the world’s growth, and demand for coal is skyrocketing.  Climate’s protectors cannot wish that fact away.  Likewise, coal’s proponents cannot ignore the costs of carbon, or treat renewable energy and clean alternatives as something more akin to Tinkertoys than to real energy policy.
  9. Clean Energy Will Be Powered By New Politics-(pp. 34-35 Apollo’s Fire) “The wealth and power of the old energy industry still maintain a grip on democracy that, while it is weakening, can be broken only with new political forces.  A new political environment must be established for the success of the clean energy revolution to be assured.  The change ahead is massive, a transition on the scale of nothing we have seen in generations.  We will need the power of people and the power of politics to build a movement for change.
  10. No More Free Lunches-(pp. 34-35 Apollo’s Fire) “It is time for polluting industries to pay for using up the limited carbon-carrying capacity of our atmosphere.  Capping the amount of CO2 that polluters are allowed to emit will be pivotal to incorporating the true cost of our energy into every technology choice and leveling the playing field.


Policy For Change

According to Apollo’s Fire, utilizing the power of the Federal Government is important in pushing forward The New Apollo Program.  One of the main tools that the authors claim can be used in their ‘revolution’ is shaping national policy:

Crafting a new national energy policy is no walk in the park.  The project involves no less a challenge than reorienting the entire U.S. economy. (p. 261 Apollo’s Fire)

Policy shapes demand.  Policy drives investment. Policy equalizes distorted markets misshapen by information failures, inadequate environmental or labor protections, and historic subsidies.  Often there is no substitute for public action. (p. 262 Apollo’s Fire)

There are five key “policy priorities” that are listed in Apollo’s Fire that will help in the Revolutionary transformation of the U.S. economy.  Below I will list each priority along with sub-section titles and quotes from the book.   Also I will post web links which pertain to each section, as well as small descriptions about those links, demonstrating how the Obama Administration has been careful to follow them, to the letter.

 #1  Meeting Energy Demand Through Energy Efficiency-  (pp. 267-271 Apollo’s Fire) “The best energy source is the one you don’t have to use.  It is energy there for the taking.  Our mantra should be “It’s energy efficiency, stupid.


(a1) Slash Energy Consumption In Our Built Environment.- (p. 268 Apollo’s Fire) “Match state public benefits funds with federal dollars. One critical tool for driving new investment into energy-efficient building practices is called a public benefits fund.

Obama’s Actions-  On Politifact marked as one of the promises kept by Obama:

 Provide grants to encourage energy-efficient building codes
“Will create a competitive grant program to award those states and localities that take the first steps in implementing new building codes that prioritize energy efficiency, and provide a federal match for those states with leading-edge public benefits funds that support energy efficiency retrofits of existing buildings.”


(b1) Apply California energy efficiency model nationally.- (p. 269 Apollo’s Fire) “California’s Title 24 program has developed a very effective range of incentive programs and strong baseline building codes and standards to promote more efficient lighting, windows, boilers and chillers, and heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems, applying a systems-wide approach to upgrading energy efficiency.”

Obama’s Actions- According to an article on Forbes titled California’s Bankrupt Green Energy Economy Is Obama EPA’s Model For The Nation:

Beware of the warning that “where California goes, so goes the nation”, particularly when it comes from EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. Speaking in October, 2009 at the Governor’s Global Climate Summit in Los Angeles, she touted the fact that climate change regulations involving national fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards have their “roots” in California, and that the rest of the United States is finally “catching up with what’s happening [there].”

…President Obama apparently has a very different vision. Speaking from the White House Grand Foyer on June 29, 2009 he said: “We know the benefits…in the late 1970s, the state of California enacted tougher energy-efficiency policies…Think about that: California producing jobs, their economy keeping pace with the rest of the country, and yet they’ve been able to maintain their energy usage at a much lower level than the rest of the country.”


(c1) Create strong incentives for green building and energy-efficient building codes.-(p. 269 Apollo’s Fire) “The federal Government should also provide strong incentives to those states that adopt international energy codes that continually improve energy efficiency, and that link their building codes and public incentives to green building standards.

Obama’s Actions- According to the Department of Energy (DOE) website:

DOE seeks to advance energy efficiency in the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) by strengthening the code where cost-effective, and improving the criteria to be more easily understood, applied, implemented and enforced. Proposed changes to the International Existing Building Code (IEBC) are included to improve compatibility and compliance with the IECC of additions, repairs, alterations, and changes in occupancy. DOE will publish draft IECC and IEBC code change proposals before submitting them to the ICC, to allow interested parties to provide suggested revisions, enhancements to and comments on DOE code change proposals.

Also, from the DOE website on incentives for States to adopt new energy efficiency codes:

Stimulating Energy Efficiency Action in States

Under the State Energy Program, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) competitively awarded $2.86 million in September, 2010, to assist states in developing policy and program frameworks to support investment in cost-effective energy efficiency for the long term.


(d1) Improve the regulatory environment to promote efficiency.- (p. 269 Apollo’s Fire) “A number of important tools have been developed that dramatically improve consumer incentives for energy efficiency. ”

Obama’s Actions- According to

President Obama has proposed a Home Star retrofit program. The Home Star proposal designed to create jobs by providing short-term incentives for residential energy efficiency improvements.

  • $1000-1500 Silver Star rebates. Consumers can receive between $1000 and $1500 for each retrofit, with a benefit not exceeding $3,000 or at least 50% of total project costs (whichever is less). Eligible measures include insulation, duct sealing, water heaters, HVAC units, windows, and doors. Rebates will be targeted to the most energy efficient categories of upgrades, focusing on products primarily made in the United States. All retrofits must be installed by a certified contractor.
  • $3000 Gold Star rebates. Consumers interested in whole home retrofits would be eligible for up to $3000 for a comprehensive energy audit and retrofits tailored to achieve a 20% energy savings in the home. Consumers can receive additional incentives for energy savings higher than 20%. The Gold Star rebate program would build on existing whole home retrofit programs, such as EPA’s Home Performance with Energy Star program and DOE’s building programs.
  • Direct Rebates. For eligible measures, consumers are eligible for direct rebates at the point of sale. Small independent building material dealers, large national home improvement chains, merchants across the country, energy efficiency installation professionals and utility energy efficiency programs (including rural utilities) can provide the rebates directly to the consumers and be reimbursed by the federal government.


(e1) Promote energy-efficient appliances.- (p. 270 Apollo’s Fire) “The government can simply set minimum efficiency requirements that manufactures must meet.

Obama’s Actions- From the Wall Street Journal in 2009:

President Barack Obama ordered the Department of Energy to set new energy-efficiency standards for a broad range of household appliances, with the aim of lowering Americans’ energy costs and reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

Mr. Obama signed Thursday a memorandum that calls for new standards for more than two dozen appliances, including refrigerators, microwaves and dishwashers. Over 30 years, the standards are estimated to lead to an estimated $500 billion in energy-bill savings, an administration official said.


(f1) Encourage industrial cogeneration.- (pp. 270-271 Apollo’s Fire) “A plant (industrial) generation both electricity and heat can be twice as efficient as a plant using just one resource.”

Obama’s Actions- According to an article on Forbes in 2012:

In an Executive Order signed today, Obama ramped up federal support for combined heat and power (CHP) by calling for a “national goal of deploying 40 gigawatts of new, cost effective industrial CHP in the United States by the end of 2020.”

Amen to that.

CHP, also known as cogeneration, is a specific genre of distributed generation, which is sited at or near the point of consumption. Unlike other forms of DG, CHP is not a single technology but a suite of technologies that produce electricity and heat in an integrated process.


(g1) Harness the public purchasing power of the government.- (p. 271 Apollo’s Fire) “Congress should require more stringent energy efficiency at federal facilities and as a preference for federal contracting and should assist states with building retrofits, including green building and facilities management.”

Obama’s Actions- According to the EPA website:

Federal Energy Requirements

In addition to being part of the Agency’s mission, EPA’s efforts to reduce energy consumption at its many facilities help it meet a variety of federal energy reduction requirements.* These requirements include Executive Order (EO) 13514, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), the 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act which codified EISA into law, and EO 13423. The energy reduction guidelines below require that agencies report and reduce energy intensity at the facilities where they pay utility bills. Since the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) provides most of EPA’s office space and pays those utility bills, EPA’s energy intensity reduction program focuses mainly on the Agency’s own laboratories.

EO 13514

Signed on October 5, 2009, EO 13514, “Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance,” supports existing federal energy efficiency requirements and establishes a range of new sustainability goals for the federal government.

  • Energy Efficiency: EO 13514, in addition to ensuring the energy reduction requirements of EO 13423 remain in effect, directs agencies to set a percentage target for reducing their Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in absolute terms by fiscal year (FY) 2020, relative to an FY 2008 baseline. It also encourages agencies to consider GHG emission reductions associated with reducing energy intensity in agency buildings. Learn more about EO 13514’s GHG emissions-related requirements.


(h1) Expand manufacturing extension projects that focus on energy efficiency. (p. 271 Apollo’s Fire) “The National Institute of Standards and Technology has run a highly effective Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), which provides vital consulting services to improve the operations of U.S. industrial employers.  Expanding such assistance and training in energy efficiency and industrial process improvements will save money and preserve good jobs in the United States, even as it saves energy and cuts carbon emissions.

Obama’s Actions- According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s website in 2011:

Today President Obama announced a new initiative, the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP), a national effort bringing together industry, universities, and the federal government to invest in the emerging technologies that will create high quality manufacturing jobs and enhance global competitiveness.

According the White House announcement, “Investing in technologies, such as information technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, will support the creation of good jobs by helping U.S. manufacturers reduce costs, improve quality, and accelerate product development. The President’s plan, which leverages existing programs and proposals, will invest more than $500 million to jumpstart this effort. The President believes that even as we live within our means, we must invest to win the future.”


To be honest, this multi-part article has become a monster (if you have noticed I have had very little time to work on anything else), and Part 2 has already been too long (as many readers I am sure are already thinking) so I will end Part 2 here.

In Part 3, I will continue on with the other policy priorities beginning with #2 Getting Off Oil (this is where the revolutionaries explain why they took over GM) and eventually I will (I hope) explain the sinister motives for the Eco-Fascists plan which is taking place not only here, but around the world.

So come back (in a few weeks) for Part 3 of A Response To President Obama’s “Threat On Climate Change” – You’re an Eco-Fascist.. because if you are having a hard time believing the facts I have already shared with you… then Part 3 (and the subsequent other Parts) will blow your mind.

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