Tyranny In A Small Town: Democratic Mayor Criticizes Citizen’s Facebook Posting- “You Don’t Have A Right To Speak Unless I Tell You To”

Louisiana Mo pic

Louisiana, Missouri Riverfront.

It is said that all politics are local and it seems that D.C. type tyranny is local as well.

Located just 75 miles north of St. Louis there lies the small city of Louisiana, Missouri; a picturesque town full of old Victorian homes that sits on the banks of the muddy Mississippi. But while you stand there on the river bank watching the tugs go by, one might have a hard time believing that under all of the postcard perfect veneer, lies tyranny.

Tom Wallace

Mayor Tom Wallace

According to Louisianamoresource.com, during a City Counsel public session Democratic Mayor Tom Wallace told Louisiana citizen, and local government watchdog, Bart Nieder that he didn’t appreciate his criticism of the City Council on Facebook and then went on to tell Mr. Niender that he had no right to speak unless the Mayor gives him permission (I guess the 1st Amendment doesn’t exist in Mayor Wallace’s world).  Here is a transcript of the conversation:

Wallace: Mr. Niedner, you’re shaking your head. I don’t appreciate you at all; I want you to know that. For your slamming of the Council and the Mayor on your Facebook. And I got it here and I sent it to all your cohorts.

Niedner: I am aware, Mr. Mayor.

Wallace: This Council and I do not appreciate you calling me a tyrant and these cronies.

Niedner: I appreciate that you have an opinion… (Interrupted.)

Wallace: And you are just a citizen. And if you don’t like what you see, you got a right when it comes voting time to vote.

Niedner: Mr. Mayor, I have a right to post… (Interrupted.)

Wallace: You don’t have a right to speak unless I tell you to. And this is mine. You shut me down at the HPC one time; I’m shutting you down now. (Gavel.)

Here is the audio from that meeting:

It seems Mayor Wallace has a good reason for wanting Mr. Nieder to keep his mouth shut.  According to Mr. Nieder’s Government Watchdog website, Mayor Wallace and his “Cohorts” have allegedly committed numerous tyrannical acts from repeatedly violating the Sunshine Law, to illegally closing an executive session, to impeaching a city council member over a fabricated charge, and the tyranny has even escalated to the point where the City Attorney has threatened the citizens of the town with a lawsuit if they continue to complain to the State Attorney General’s Office over the alleged illegal conduct. (You can hear the audio of that threat here.)

A former City Council member has informed The Bell News that the Mayor, and his “Cronies”, allegedly hold meetings at an outdoor picnic table out of fear that the Mayor’s office is bugged with a microphone.

It would seem that the same tyrannical behavior which has infected the political elites in Washington D.C. is now spreading to small towns, like Louisiana, Missouri and this trend should cause us all great concern…

Because if your “Rights” are not safe from being trampled on by a tyrant in a small town… then exactly where are they safe?



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  1. AT 3:46 after residents voice their complaints about the arrest of two local residents who were arrested in front of their children for refusing smart meters, the city manager (mayor) also comes back from a break and “orders” the citizens to not applaud, cheer or boo. Tyranny is crushing the republic and Illinois is on the front lines. Anybody in Illinois still think the smart meters are optional? Try opting out of common core, we did, the request was denied.