Smart Grid To Be Managed By Artificially Intelligent, Lab Grown ‘Brain’ of Neurons


A.I. VIKI from the movie I-Robot

No, you didn’t read the title wrong; as a matter of fact read it again.   No, I have not finally gone off the deep end so don’t bother calling the men in the little white coats, the title is legit.

Allow me to try and present these new facts I discovered about the Smart Grid in such a way that might make sense.  Because honestly, even I had a hard time believing what is taking place…so let’s officially begin with…

At the beginning of April 2013, President Obama presented his plan for the nation’s budget.  Among the fodder of ‘waste’ included in the joke of a budget was a program that led many of us to believe the President had fallen off his rocker, that he had gone off the deep end, hell many of us held it up as an example of the total and absolute disconnect of this administration from reality.  What am I referring to?  This..

According to the MIT Technological Review the President announced the first funding in the history of the country for mapping the brain.  Here is a quote from the article:

A plan to map the activity of entire brain regions down to the level of individual neurons got its official nod from the White House on Tuesday when President Obama announced his budget will request $100 million in funding for the project in 2014.

The brain activity map project, now officially dubbed the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies, or BRAIN (get it?), will be a sprawling project requiring scientists and engineers to develop new technologies that can record activity from millions or even billions of neurons simultaneously (see “The Brain Activity Map”).

(Take note of two things in that quote, Neurotechnologies and neurons, because there will be a test later.)

At the time, I didn’t put much stock into this story other than, as I said before,  it was a great example of  wasteful spending by this administration… that is until I ran across a story yesterday.. then I began to be concerned.

According to an article on Smart Grid, the National Science Foundation (NSF) (Official department of the U.S Government) has been funding a program and working jointly with Clemson University, Georgia Tech and Missouri S&T on a 5 year project to grow neurons (there is that word again) in petri dishes so that eventually they will control the Smart Grid.

After you get back up from fainting.. read these quotes from the article:

…Scientists at Clemson are growing neurons in petri dishes with the goal of using them to control the smart grid. Never in my most optimistic moments did I think we might have factory-grown brains controlling the grid within the next 10 years.- Jesse Berst


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A team of neuroscientists and engineers is using lab-grown neurons to control simulated power grids. “Neuroscience and Neural Networks for Engineering the Future Intelligent Electric Power Grid” is a joint project between the Clemson University (lead institution), Georgia Tech and Missouri S&T.


The goal is to make control systems more brain-like so they can carry out real-time control of complex systems. “To get the most out of the different types of renewable energy sources, we need an intelligent grid that can perform real-time dispatch and manage optimally available energy storage systems,” says project leader Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Ph.D., director of the Real-Time Power and Intelligent Systems Laboratory at Clemson University.

“What we need is a system that can monitor, forecast, plan, learn, make decisions,” says Venayagamoorthy as quoted in an article in Phys.Org.”Ultimately, what we need is a control system that is very brain-like.” In the current project, the network is trained to recognize and respond to voltage and speed signals from a simulated power grid.

Since 2009, the Federal Government has been funding a project (which will be complete in Oct 2013) with the goal being the ability to create an Artificially Intelligent (A.I.)( learn, make decisions) ‘Brain’ of Neurons which will control the Smart Grid.

Take a second to absorb that information before you continue.. because sadly yes… there is more.   Feel better?  Ready to go deeper into the rabbit hole?   Yea, me neither but let’s hold hands… we can go together.

According to the official website for the project called, it is important for the goal of the project that they truly understand how the brain learns, adapts and makes decisions (Hence the President’s funding for mapping the brain) so that they can build a truly Smart Grid (Brain included) which will not only control the Grid but reduce Green House Gases:

Neural network architectures have worked well on small power systems, but do not replicate the powerful capabilities of the brain to learn, and compute in a massively parallel fashion, allowing for adaptive optimal decision-making, prediction and pattern recognition among other things. Learning how the brain actually performs these functions, and transforming this knowledge into algorithms on a chip, will constitute a breakthrough in theory and application. Neurocontrol of the power grid with new architectures and algorithms will therefore increase real-time responsiveness to changing power loads and component failures, improve the dynamic and transient behavior of the power network, and improve grid reliability, ensuring local and wide area stability, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and assisting human experts in control rooms.

But let us not forget that this new A.I Smart Grid Brain will not only be reducing Greenhouse gases and fixing power outages, but as I have already discovered, it will also be collecting your personal data and controlling all Demand Response Appliances everywhere (TV, Thermostat, Computer, Ice Cube Maker, Washer, Dryer, Lights, Security Systems, Garage Doors, Electric Cars..I.E. Anything which you plug into the wall outlet)  in real time within ten years (If we can use the article above as a timeline).

Now before you go Obama this and Obama that let me point out that this Program titled “Neuroscience and neural networks for engineering the future intelligent electric power grid” (grant #0836017) was created in 2008 under the Bush Administration but didn’t officially start until 2009 under the Obama Administration.  Granted, Obama has been running with it, but this demonstrates that there is more to all of this than any one Administration.  It doesn’t matter who was elected, Democrat or Republican, this crazy project still moved forward. It is imperative you understand this, when Obama is out of office this kind of thing (Sustainability, Smart grid, Agenda 21 etc) will continue, getting him out will not stop it.

Those facts are disturbing…. aren’t they?

But what the hell, let’s go further down the rabbit hole and speculate for fun while I think like our enemy for a minute.

So since the wall outlet is set to become a Broad-Band connection, it will give the ability to those who will control this Smart ‘Brain’ (Feds) the capability of collecting data and controlling devices inside all kinds of places.. like oh.. I don’t know.. Hospitals in real-time (as it happens).  You know other Demand Response Appliances such as life support, digital medical records (Which the Government now has access to without a warrant thanks to Obamacare) heart monitors, and (wireless)pace makers just to name a few…will give a whole new meaning to the word ‘death panels’ as the Smart ‘Brain’ will have the ability to ‘decide’  to reduce carbon and save the planet from ‘(fictional)Climate change/overpopulation’ by letting your Grandma die.. and therefore stop the life support or issue a cease of care order to the nursing station.  I mean it would be more sustainable to not use precious resources on an older person who may not live anyway right?  Logical isn’t it?

You know.. nah that would never happen.. I mean that’s nuts… really.. who would ever think that an A.I. that controls.. oh everything in the country.. which only thinks in terms of logic without emotion created by those who believe that mankind (carbon based lifeforms) are becoming too numerous for the planet to sustain ..would ever decide who lives and dies based on their health … I mean.. that would only happen in a Sci-Fi/ Horror Movie ..right?…right???

I mean, no one would be dumb enough in the first place to create an A.I. Brain that controls the whole country through a ‘Smart Grid’ and give it the ability to think, learn and make decisions all by itself…with one of its goals being to ‘reduce carbon’..would they?   No one is that dumb…absolutely mad.. crazy.. never happen here..I mean that is like suggesting someday the U.S. government would claim they have the right to kill Americans with unmanned Drones on U.S. Soil without due process.. or something.. silly.. crazy.. nope can’t happen…

Oh.. wait.. on second thought.. never mind…

Yes ….they are..



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