ACTION ALERT!! Anti-Smart Meter Bill In Missouri Needs YOU!


A dedicated group of individuals have steadfastly worked in Jefferson City over the years in the hope of crafting legislation in order to fight the rising threat of the surveillance state.

I am happy to report that they have finally, after a long fight, met with great success. Well at least the beginnings of success.

Republican Representative Tim Remole has introduced an Anti-Smart Meter bill titled HB 1175. This short (as all bills should be) 3 page bill, if passed into law, would (among other things) prevent utilities from sharing any information collected via the Smart Grid with any 3rd party (without your consent). It would limit the amount of time the utility can keep your information before it must be destroyed. It demands that any information collected through the Smart Grid that is to be used against an individual in a criminal case must be attained through a judge issued warrant. AND (here comes the good part) HB 1175 creates an Opt-Out option for those of us who do not wish to have a Smart Meter on our home by forcing the utility company to replace the Smart Meter with an analog meter at no additional charge. The utility also can not charge you a higher electric rate for opting out.

As good as this sounds it’s not time to celebrate yet.


Because it is still a bill. In order to become law it will need help. Lots of help. Especially from you.

How can you help, you ask?

Well if you live in the state of Missouri it’s important that you call, email, and visit your state Representative and tell them to support HB1175. (Text)

You can find your State Representative’s contact information Here.

So read the bill and understand what you are supporting. Then go out there and put on the pressure!

Because even though this bill isn’t going to stop the Smart Grid cold, it is a start. And in Missourian’s fight against the surveillance state… a place to start is exactly what we need!




Net Neutrality: Setting Up The FCC To Be The Next IRS


If you consider yourself to be a right-wing, small government, libertarian or a conservative and find that you support Net Neutrality do me a favor. Take your right hand. Open your palm flat and then repeatedly smack the living piss out of yourself until you come to your senses.


Because even if you think the internet needs some form of regulation (which as a small government supporter you shouldn’t) then at least you should have enough common sense to know that the Obama administration is not the one you should be asking to do it.

Why? (Oh dear Lord in heaven if you really need to continue reading this because you don’t know, then you must have been asleep under a freaking bridge for the past 6 years right next to a troll named Rumpelstiltskin.)

Well I could say Obamacare (If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare. Remember that one?), or take the time to point out all of the radical Marxists that Obama was raised by, mentored by, and associated with, but instead I think I’ll just type three little letters: I.R.S.

Do you, by some bizarre chance, remember the little IRS scandal? You know…the one where the Obama administration has been using the Internal Revenue Service in order to harass and persecute those of us on the political right? Yea, that one.

So what you say? How does that have anything to do with Net Neutrality especially since we don’t know what’s in it since the Obama administration is hiding their proposed regulation? (If you really did agree with this question then please repeat the instructions above pertaining to the open right hand and what to do with it.)

In what world, or dimension, do you actually believe that even though Obama has shown every indication he is not afraid of using entities of the Federal government to harass and persecute those of us who don’t agree with him, that by some bloody miracle he is actually only interested in making the internet more “free and fair” by regulating it (which has to be some form of an oxymoron) instead of actually using regulations to control the internet so he can silence the rest of us who oppose him by basically turning the FCC into the IRS via Net Neutrality??? (That wasn’t so much a run on sentence as it was me yelling through the keyboard in one breath.) WELL?????

Never mind. Your argument is invalid. President Obama is not, and has never ever shown signs of being interested in being equal and fair. He has only demonstrated time and again that he lies to get what he wants and what he wants 9 times out of 10 is more power and control.

So if you still support Net Neutrality, even though every fiber of your small government being should be screaming NO! Then all I can suggest is…

Take your right hand. Open it flat…



2015: The End of The Republican Party


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

Over the past 40 plus years of life I have been fed the line that if a person doesn’t vote for the Republicans then the Democrats will win. Or if we start a third party it will split the vote and the Democrats will win.

The problem is if both the Republican and the Democratic parties are so infiltrated with Progressives to such an extent that they are basically two cheeks of the same ass, and no matter what party I vote for I end up with a Progressive party, then what’s the point of voting for a Republican let alone voting at all?

The GOP’s actions today (combined with actually suggesting Jeb Bush as a Presidential candidate, pushing for Amnesty, the list goes on and on..), with refusing to vote out Progressive John Boehner as Speaker of the House, and then immediately taking revenge upon the few Republicans who actually listened to the wishes of the people, has told me what I’ve already known for a long time but was afraid to admit.

It’s time to throw the Republicans to the curb.

It’s time to start a new political party.

Now for those who would argue with me and say that “We need to take back the party” I have one word for you:


The only successful overthrow of a modern American political party (two actually) was completed by the Progressives recently, and then it took them at least a hundred years to complete.

While turning the tables on them would be nice, the fact of the matter is we don’t have another 100 years to reverse the process. If something drastic isn’t done, such as somehow, by the grace of God, forming a new political party that actually represents Constitutional Americans, in less than 15 years the U.S. will be so overrun with Progressively brainwashed generations, combined with an unbelievably corrupt system, that we will have no hope of restoring liberty to this nation. None. Even the 2nd Amendment won’t save you.(How are you going to fight against tyranny when your smart gun won’t fire and the legally allowed 3 round magazine is insufficient against the drum magazines, tanks and planes of the military run by, and filled with, Progressives? Hmm?)

A Constitutional Republic was designed so that Representatives of the people would do the will of said people as allowed under the Constitution. When those Representatives continually demonstrate that they will no longer abide by the will of the people, and choose to ignore the Constitution, then it’s time to replace them with someone who will.

The entrenched Republican establishment has made it all too clear that they will not be removed, nor do they care what their electorate wants.

Mark this day. This is the beginning of the end of the Republican Party. I’m done with the insanity.

Those Americans who cherish liberty deserve representation.

If the Republican Party doesn’t want the job, some other party will.

Even if we have to make that party… ourselves.






Guest Post: Clearing up the Fuzzy on Ferguson

Guest Post by Jen Ennenbach:

With a grand jury announcement reportedly due to be delivered within the next two hours, now would be an excellent time to strip the political correctness out of what we have already seen in Ferguson.

This is about Justice for Michael Brown: Organized thugs demonstrators and busses of union agitators have repeatedly  had a difficult time verbalizing any knowledge of who Michael Brown was, with the exception of his name, that he was shot, the officer was white, and he was facing the officer while shot. There are no mentions of his middle name, favorite foods, movies, books, sports, or hobbies. Many can not even name the members of his family. Some believe he yelled “don’t shoot” seconds before Officer Darren Wilson fired his gun, which has yet to be definitively proven. Regardless, if this was still about Mike Brown, these *protesters* would know something about the man. This is about attention seeking combined with an inexplicable need to demonstrate pent up anger issues.

Peaceful Protesters:  One disturbing image of a man throwing a Molotov cocktail at police during the early riots has unfortunately become an internationally identifiable “icon” representative not only of Ferguson, but St Louis, Missouri, and to some, America as a whole.  There is nothing peaceful about their behavior.


This man is throwing a Molotov cocktail at police. Let’s take a look at the Molotov cocktail:

What Is a Molotov Cocktail? According to

A Molotov cocktail is also known as a petrol bomb or alcohol bomb. It is a simple type of improvised incendiary device. The simplest form consists of a stoppered bottle filled with a combustible liquid, such as gasoline or high-proof alcohol, with a fuel-soaked rag stuffed in the neck of the bottle. The stopper separates the fuel from the part of the rag that acts as a fuse. To use a Molotov cocktail, the rag is ignited and the bottle is thrown against a vehicle or fortification. The bottle breaks, spraying fuel into the air. The vapor and droplets are ignited by the flame, producing a fireball and then a burning fire, which consumes the remainder of the fuel.

Origin of the Molotov Cocktail

The Molotov cocktail traces its origins to an improvised incendiary device that was used in the 1936–1939 Spanish Civil War in which General Francisco Franco had Spanish Nationalists use the weapons against Soviet T-26 tanks. In World War II, the Finnish used the weapons against Soviet tanks. Vyacheslav Molotov, the Soviet People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs claimed in radio broadcasts that the Soviet Union was delivering food to the starving Finns rather than dropping bombs on them. The Finns started referring to the air bombs as Molotov bread baskets and to the incendiary weapons they used against the Soviet tanks as Molotov cocktails.

Revisions to the Molotov Cocktail

Throwing a flaming bottle of fuel was inherently dangerous, so modifications were made to the Molotov cocktail. The Alko corporation mass-produced Molotov cocktails. These devices consisted of 750 ml glass bottles that contained a mixture of gasoline, ethanol, and tar. The sealed bottles were bundled with a pair of pyrotechnic storm matches, one on either side of the bottle. One or both of the matches were lit before the device was thrown, either by hand or using a sling. The matches were safer and more reliable than the fuel-soaked cloth fuses. The tar thickened the fuel mixture so that the fuel would adhere to its target and so the fire would produce a lot of smoke. Any flammable liquid could be used as the fuel. Other thickening agents included dish soap, egg whites, sugar, blood, and motor oil.


A Molotov cocktail is a bomb. A bomb. Who throws bombs? Terrorists. Terrorists throw bombs. The purpose of bombs is to inflict harm, damage, and destruction. There is nothing pretty about it.


man moto

This is what happens when a police officer is hit by a Molotov cocktail. It is domestic terrorism. Apparently home-grown terrorists are not only completely acceptable in today’s culture, it is glorified and praised by the mainstream media. Domestically, we negotiate with terrorists now too, as per their “demands”

You can not make this stuff up.

Looting: “Looting” is a nice word which encompasses breaking and entering, theft, and infliction of damage, all rolled up into one nice benign word. Looting is breaking and entering. Looting is theft. Looting is infliction of damage to property, residences, and businesses.

This is the looting of the Ferguson Quik Trip before it was burnt down:

man QT

These men are not looking for belts. These men are looking for anything they can get their hands on for the sake of stealing stuff at an opportune moment. [Side note: Dude front left of the photo, we see your gun, and that is the stupidest possible way to carry a firearm.  No word on whether or not this man shot himself in the twins].

Again, this is all *peaceful* as you can see by the burning down of that Quik Trip fuel station:

Burning building

The deliberate act of unlawfully setting fire to something is called a-r-s-o-n.  Speaking of burning, these  peaceful protestors barbaric agitators have time and again threatened to “Burn this F**ker down to the ground”. Once can assume that “this” refers to the city of Ferguson. Or St Louis as a whole? Maybe the entire state of Missouri.

Mob Mentality:  This is an extremely dangerous situation. Human beings do not think for themselves, but rather mimic and attempt to one-up the actins of people around them, regardless of what it is or why they are doing so.  Few, if any realize that they are often acting in accordance to the behavior of a person with unresolved issues. Additionally, they are planting and growing the same in on-lookers and their children.  Their actions are mindless, and without provocation by those they are surrounded by, possibly would never engage in such actions and behaviors.

So, to recap: A Molotov Cocktail is a bomb. Terrorists throw bombs. Bombs are meant to hurt and destroy. Looting is breaking and entering, theft, and damage to property.  And burning is setting something on fire, be it a structure or a person.

Stripped of their pretty words, these behaviors are not peaceful, legal, or productive. These words are deliberately used to paint a pretty picture by watering down the facts.

Terrorists, looters, and arsonists, oh my!

And these are the very people who Time Magazine has chosen to glorify and entertain as their “Person of the Year” No, not making that up either.

People are rioting over something that hasn’t even happened yet. To me, that is bullying. It is their way of saying “this is what we can do, and this is what we will do if we do not get our way”. Bullies behave this way.

This is America for crying out loud. We are supposed to be bigger than this.


P.W. Adam’s New Book: The Secret Organization of St. Nicholas

Santa Book Cover

The Secret Organization of St. Nicholas, by P.W. Adams

From the Author, P.W. Adams:

In late December of 2013 my health took a turn for the worse. I had begun to rapidly lose weight and became very pale. At the same time I started having allergic reactions to all types of food. But because I had lost my job and couldn’t afford Obamacare, or to see a doctor, I did what I could. For several months I was surviving on what food I could tolerate (which wasn’t much) and Benadryl. By mid-January I had lost 70 pounds.

Frankly, I thought I was dying. From what, I had no idea. But suddenly the most important things in my life became crystal clear. I realized that if I was to be called home to heaven there were a ton of things left for me to do and no time left to do them.

One of those things was the realization that I wouldn’t be here to help my family. Considering that it was almost Christmas, it terrified me to think that my wife would have to discuss the secret of Christmas and Santa with our child without me (Our child had finally reached that age). As with most people, when I was 10 and my parents sat me down to tell me about what was really happening at Christmas, I was devastated. So I became determined to find a better way to break the news. A way that might truly explain the biblical reasons behind secret gift giving, but in a fun way.

So on Christmas day, while sitting in the living room at my sister-in-laws house, I sat down, researched, and wrote (in one day) what has come to be my second book, The Secret Organization of St. Nicholas.

If people realize it or not, when they choose to give gifts in secret they become a member of The Secret Organization of St. Nicholas, or S.O.O.N. Members of S.O.O.N. have decided to follow the example of their patron saint, St. Nicholas, by giving gifts to the needy and their loved ones in the darkness of night, and in secret, so that they may give all glory and praise to God. But in the end, the Secret to Christmas, Santa, S.O.O.N., and God is Love. I fear that fact is lost amidst the materialism and hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Months later, after I had found full-time employment and once again had health insurance, I discovered that I am suffering from fat malabsorption caused from damage to my intestines from Celiacs disease and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. The doctor told me that had I weigh less than I did originally, and hadn’t stablized my weight through my diet, I would have most likely lost my life. And while I am still on a very restrictive diet, and suffer from food sensitivities, I am alive and very thankful to be here.

I never wrote this book for publication. I wrote it specifically for my wife in case I was no longer here to help her. But after being encouraged by family members, and members of the clergy, I have decided to publish this book in the hopes that it will help others with the difficult task of explaining Christmas and jolly, old St. Nick.

I can only hope it helps others, as much as it helped me.


P.W. Adams

You can purchase your copy of The Secret Organization of St. Nicholas Here.


*This book is meant to be a tool that parents can go through during a discussion with their children. Do not just hand the book to your child and tell them to read it alone.


You can find information on P.W. Adam’s other book at