If this election has taught us anything, it’s that we cannot trust major media or politicians to honestly illustrate the universal values of Conservatism. The Press was originally designed to be ‘By The People’ & ‘For The People.’ Today, that is no longer true. Not even the ‘right of Left’ FOX News is without its agenda. In growing numbers, more and more people are seeking their news online, from sources that are not held in check by stockholders. The Liberal Media has very effectively incorrectly defined and portrayed Conservatism’s universal appeal over more tyrannical forms of government, and the Republican Party has done a terrible job in defending or defining it.

The Bell News aims to document the ongoing loss of freedoms perpetuated by political parties, organizations, etc., through either direct action or inaction. Not enough news sources sing the praises of legal immigration, liberty in action, or how events today would relate to the challenges faced by our Founding Fathers or our American History. We will change that.

We also recognize that in order to help save our free society from growing government control, we must educate others, not only on the values of living free, but also the responsibility of defending that freedom by making your voices heard. Just like when we were told to be vigilant in our watch for terrorism, we must also be vigilant in our watch for government intrusion.

The Bell has rung!

To help in celebrating our new website and our exceptional history as Americans, we’ve designed a desktop wallpaper constructed from selected quotes from our Founder Fathers as seen during our Facebook campaign. Thank-you for your support & Happy New Year!

Founding Fathers wallpaper

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